Wednesday, August 8th, 2012

Think Again About B2B Mobile Marketing

According to reports from eMarketer and BuzzCity, global spending on mobile advertising is estimated to hit $6.43 billion in 2012, and further growth could only be greater. With so much focus devoted to mobile opportunities in the consumer markets, b2b mobile strategy is still uncharted waters for most. Should the b2b agency help its clients go mobile?

The answer’s yes, as evidenced in gyro’s The @Work State of Mind Project: Engaging the Most Engaged conducted with Forbes Insights: business executives are constantly connected to their mobiles, switching between a variety of modes such as communicating and building relationships through mobile, consuming and generating content while commuting, researching business purchases, or moving work materials onto mobile devices, making decisions on the go—ones that affect the success and failure of nearly every business brands in the world. Since the mobile web is such an influential touch point for b2b customers, winning their engagement posts a robust task to a b2b agency that’s striving to provide business professionals greater reach and resonance.

Creating original, local, and social content should be at the top of the b2b mobile marketing to-do-list. Where else to invest? Mobile web presence, mobile SEO, media applications—these are all important methodologies to creating a truly differentiating mobile strategy. For b2b agencies, the challenges will only intensify in this space, so think bold and be the early bird!


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