Thursday, August 16th, 2012


If you were to ask a b2b agency ten years ago about the best way to go about sponsorship, they’d have probably said choose the biggest name to sponsor and try and book the largest physical space possible to show off the sponsorship deal. Back then, sponsorship was chosen for entirely the wrong reasons. Fast-forward ten years and the ethos of many a b2b agency has been completely transformed.

Nowadays, while sponsorship is still a fundamental element of the marketing mix, it’s crucial that it’s approached in a different light.

Businesses shouldn’t sponsor brands or events because they are flash and popular. It’s more about sponsoring a brand because it helps them define their business.

Businesses are under an illusion if they think choosing the most expensive sponsorship package automatically equates to a higher volume of opportunities to see, bums on seats etc. Money can buy association through sponsorship but it can’t buy organic audience engagement and it certainly doesn’t amount to an effective call to action.

Sponsorship is about the connection a business has with a brand and, perhaps more importantly, the connection a business can create with its audience through the associated values of a brand. One that will lead to a change in audience behaviour, attitude and decision-making. And one that’ll help the business develop brand equity over the long-term.

Any well-versed b2b agency understands that businesses will be waiting a long time before they see genuine value and return on investment through sponsorship so businesses would wise to turn to them to seek advice on choosing the right brand and the right occasion to sponsor.

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