Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

Back to Basics with Facebook Marketing

How paid Facebook adverts deliver brand messaging to business audiences is always an opportunity and a challenge for any b2b agency that helps its clients drive awareness. Yet, are clients receiving what they pay for with Facebook marketing? Should they trust the social network as a central playground for gathering genuine business prospects? Well, the next time a client thinks about investing in a paid advert on Facebook, it must reconsider the effectiveness of this advertising format.

Triggered by a recent BBC investigation on the allegation of fake “likes,” now Facebook discloses its own shocking estimation that more than 83 million (8.7%) of its global active users are not real humans, meaning marketers could be spending to advertise to “persons” who do not exist.

Although “likes” are regarded as an important metric by many a leading b2b agency, it should be realised that the impressive number may contain dodgy accounts, fake users who don’t really like the business, driving up advertising costs while not meaning anything in return. The notion of competing solely on number of fans gets more like uninformed stupidity and should be abandoned by any b2b agency with a clear mind.

Much of the value of marketing on Facebook arises from relevant conversation building, real-time contextual feedback and a high chance to convert fans to leads. It’s possible for businesses to reap those benefits if the advert they pay for is strategically designed to target a very specific group (which is also suggested by Facebook’s advertising guidelines). All businesses wish to increase their social graph, but they should always remember to go back to the basics of truly engaging marketing, and treat their carefully targeted prospects as true, valuable friends.


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